Canberra | Adelaide Family Programs | Adult Classes | Term 3 Subscription

Canberra | Adelaide Family Programs | Adult Classes | Term 3 Subscription

Canberra | Adelaide Family Programs | Adult Classes | Term 3 Subscription

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This program is designed so that the entire family can benefit by learning and praying together. The classes focus on developing positive values and are based on ancient texts, Historical epics, and Puranas. All students also learn bhajans, chanting and meditation. Chinmaya Mission has designed a specific curriculum for each of the different age groups.

BALA VIHAR (YEAR K-6): Concepts of faith and values are conveyed through fun activities and stories based on texts such as Bala Bhagavatam, Hanuman - Super Superman, and Bala Ramayana. Children as they grow older explore concepts of culture, traditions, festivals, goal setting, Life etc through structured activities, stories, and role-play by learning texts such as Symbolism in Hinduism, P.O. Box Mr God, and My 24 Teachers.

JUNIOR CHYKS OR JCS (YEAR 7-12): Harnessing youth potential through dynamic spirituality through the study of texts such as Game of Life, Kindle Life, Vibhishan Geeta, Victorious Youth, and Meditation, provides an opportunity for teenagers to discuss and interact on issues such as peer pressure, love, stress, success, self-improvement, and emotions. It also gives them a sense of belonging and pride in their culture and enables them to become a confident, independent and cultured person. They participate in weekly classes, annual workshops, and camps.

ADULT VEDANT CLASSES - DISCOURSES STUDY GROUPS ONLINE CLASSES: Parents Adults discuss the Vedanta texts such as Bhagavad Geeta, Upanishads, Prakarana Granthas, different Stotrams, Upadesha Sara. Also, we study Bhakti Texts such as Ramayana, and Bhagavatam, through a structured program of discourses, videos, and discussions.

Spiritual and Well -being Classes (Chinmaya Family Program) are conducted for Children, Teenagers, and Parents/ Adults at the same time in different rooms and are held every Sunday during the school term at Hindu Temple Florey,81Ratcliffe Cres, Florey ACT 2615.

Note: All members of the family can attend classes for only one Term.

Ms. Nirmala Narayan 0432 332 099 Website:
CHINMAYA MISSION AUSTRALIA PT Y LTD. Atf: The Chinmaya Mission (Charitable) Operating Trust ABN 63 224


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