NSW School's Special Religious Education Program

Each week trained volunteer teachers will be providing lessons at various schools. Each lesson will be for 30 minutes. 

Chinmaya Mission Australia provides initial and ongoing training for our teachers which includes Scriptures, child protection and code of conduct.

Hindu Scripture Curriculum are reviewed completely and updated every 5 years. Once every 6 months minor updates are done as required after meeting and training with teachers. Full Curriculum last reviewed and updated on 12/12/2023.

For any information about Hindu Scriptures at Schools (Primary & Secondary), please contact our Deputy SRE Hindu Coordinator – Jaya Menon 0409 088 115 or jaya.menon0709@gmail.com

Chinmaya SRE Scope and Sequence (Outcomes)
Concerns and Complaints (Online Form and Procedures)

High School Seminars

With the glimpse of what spiritual knowledge can do for us, the CHYKS of Sydney with Swamiji & Sevaks have taken on the mission to spread this knowledge to the youth population in high schools. With an aim to aid their journey of adolescence and assist them to direct their energy into the right path, CHYKS volunteer their time to conduct and facilitate seminars in high schools.

Contact Swamiji on sshrikarananda@chinmaya.com.au for more information.