Frequently Asked Questions

I have never studied Vedanta? Can I attend the study classes?
Yes, you can. There are tapes made of the lectures given by Swamiji’s in Chinmaya Mission and you can purchase them and listen and come up to speed in any of the scriptural texts.
Who can join a study group?
Any one who has the intellectual acumen and aspiration and is interested in discovering their own true nature can join the study group.
What is the main philosophy of Chinmaya Mission?
The philosophy on which Chinmaya Mission’s teachings and activities are based is the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, as propagated by Shri Adi Shankaracharya (788-820 CE). This philosophy speaks of the One Reality.
How is spiritual growth assessed in Chinmaya Mission?
There is no formal assessment of spiritual growth in the Chinmaya Mission, Individuals through Study and Satsang are able to access themselves and know they are growing if they find themselves calmer, more contented, happier and less dependent on things or people for their happiness. Swami Chinmayananda guided members and devotees to be patient and single-pointed on the spiritual path. In his own words: “As much time and effort as it takes to master any profession in this world, that much time and effort it takes to gain Self-knowledge. Be sure to apply yourself single-pointedly and with diligence.”
What practises does a Chinmaya Mission member have to follow?
All that a Chinmaya Mission members needs to follow is the principle of ‘being good and doing good.’ The core spirit in Chinmaya Mission is jnana (knowledge) – where individuals are encouraged to understand one’s Self. There us no rigid scheme of practices that a member needs to follow. Individuals may choose their path and make self-effort to progress at their own pace.