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In the Indian ethos, we encounter symbolism everywhere - in our sastras, in our celebrations and festivals, in the way we live.

Symbolism has a language of its own. It is not necessarily meant to be cryptic or secretive, but it is meant to make one think, to ask questions. Why do we celebrate our festivals the way we do? Why are Hindu gods multi-armed, each one specific and distinct from the other? What is the significance of their individual vehicles and the weapons they carry?

Pujya Gurudev, Swami Chinmayananda, sometimes spoke about symbolism and sometimes wrote about it. His style was unique and always to the point. The articles in this book have been compiled by Swami Nityananda (formerly R.S. Nathan), who was driven by a desire to share Gurudev's wisdom with all. There are articles by others too, and they have been included because each one of them touches on one or the other aspect of symbolism.

And if anybody is buzzing with questions, pick up this book and read on.

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