Sydney - Hindi Course
Sydney - Hindi Course

Sydney - Hindi Course

Chinmaya Mission Australia offers Beginners Level Course in Hindi. Students must be able to study, practise and complete homework consistently. Regular attendance and commitment for 1hr per week is essential to make steady progress.
All classes will be physically at Chinmaya Sannidhi Ashram, 38 Carrington Rd, Castle Hill.
Classes begin on Saturday 14th October, 2023.
Course Details
Hindi Beginners Course
Duration of course: 8 Classes per term 
Every Saturday 9.30am to 10.30am.
Break during School Holidays, Special Events & Festivals.
Learn the Basics of Hindi. Key to learning Hindi is attaining a fluent level of understanding of the Devanagari script. Learn to identify, pronounce, read and write vowels, consonants, compound syllables, some basic words and being able to have basic conversation. Each term we will expand on the previous terms learning.  
What’s included in the course?

PDF Notes
Learning tools
Age: 6 and above.
Working Person
$65 per term per person
$45 per term per person
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