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Sanskrit Classes - Annual

Sanskrit Classes - Annual

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We offer three levels of courses. You will be able to choose which level in registration form.

Course Details

1. Sanskrit Beginners Course

Duration of course: 1 Year (Every Saturday 8am to 9.15am). Break during School Holidays & Festivals.

Learn Basics of Sanskrit. Key to learning Sanskrit is getting to a fluent level of Devanagri scripts and be able to identify, pronounce, read and write vowels, consonants, compound syllables and learn some basic words. This class will let you get up to speed on this learning.

2. Sanskrit Foundation Course

Duration of course: 2 Years (Every Saturday 8am to 9.15am). Break during School Holidays & Festivals.
This class is suitable for all who can read and write Devanagari scripts (Hindi, Marathi etc.). The focus will be to learn various aspects of grammar, speaking and vocabulary through stories, separating words in Geeta and translating it.

3. Sanskrit Intermediate Course

Duration of course: 2 Years (Every Saturday 9.30am to 10.30am). Break during School Holidays & Festivals.
Students would have completed Sanskrit Beginners & Intermediate courses or have already succeeded in the GCSE qualification in India!
We go straight into translating and studying the Scriptures. We will assess who is ready for it and then decide. Students will begin by translating the Bhagavad Gita with Shankara Bhashya and selected verses from Mahabharata.

What’s included in the course?

  1. Textbook
  2. Notes
  3. Learning tools
  4. Audios

Class Program

8.00am: Invocation 

8.05am: Break out into respective classes

9.00am: Chanting of verses with explanation

9.15am: Finish

All age groups are welcome. Regular attendance and commitment of 1hr 15 mins per week is essential to make steady progress.

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