Perth | Overview of Hinduism 2024

Perth | Overview of Hinduism 2024

Perth | Overview of Hinduism with Swami Aparokshananda 2024

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Hinduism is one of the oldest and most diverse religions of today. It has a wide range of rituals, philosophies and celebrations.  

Swami Aparokshanandaji will teach the essence of the Hindu faith in these 8 sessions, addressing topics such as; 
1. Is there reincarnation? 
2. Are rituals necessary ? 
3. What is the goal of Hinduism? 
4. How does it help me in daily life? 

8 weeks: Cost $150. Commencing 7th Feb 2024
Address: Chinamaya Prastha 737 Forrest Road, Forrestdale WA 6112 
Contact for more information:  Chinmaya Mission Perth 0402 987 606

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