National Geeta Chanting competition 2024
National Geeta Chanting competition 2024

National Geeta Chanting competition 2024

Chant Geeta, Enchant Krishna! 
National Geeta Chanting Competition 2024 
Chapter 12 

Vision & Objective of Gita Chanting  

Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda ji explained that the Bhagavad Gita is the “handbook for everyday living”. In order to bring this philosophy into children, Teenagers, Youth, Adults and Seniors, the Bhagavad Gita Chanting competition was pioneered by Chinmaya Mission.  Bhagavad Gita chanting and competitions are vehicles for inspiring and motivating participants to learn and memorize the sacred verses of Srimad Bhagavad Geeta.   

Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayananda explains the grand vision behind this project as follows:   

“Chant – Study – Know – Live”. Chanting introduces one to such a noble text. This kindles the curiosity to know more about the meaning and the contents. This in turn, leads to study. The knowledge gained thereby is translated into actions and thus becomes a way of life.”  

About the verses: 

The 12th Chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, the 'Yoga of Devotion', begins with Arjuna asking the Shri Krishna, 'Between the worship of Ishvara with form and without form, which method is superior?' Shri Krishna recommends former for most devotees as the worship of the formless is very difficult. He points out that the key quality is single-pointed devotion.  

Shri Krishna then goes to list the steps to attain oneness with Ishvara. He ends the Chapter by telling us who the Lord considers to be his devotee. Many a times we hear people say I am the devotee of the Lord, but here Lord says who is my devotee and lists the various qualities a devotee has. By attaining even one quality could open the door for acquiring the others. 

Eligible Age: 

Age: 2 years to Seniors* 

  *Participants will be in age appropriate range and verses allocate accordingly (see table below)   

Competition Venue: 

Will be online or at our local ashram or community centre (we will confirm closer to the date)   

State and National Competition Date: 

State/Regional Competitions will be held on either Saturday 27th July or Sunday 28th July 2024, depending on your state (TBC closer to the date).   

National Competition will take place on 17th or 18th August, to be finalised closer to the date.  

At this stage, all competitions are planned to be held online. However certain states may choose to do it face to face. All details will be confirmed closer to the date.   

Competition Categories: 

(based on School Year/Age) as of 1st February 2024   


Grade / Age as of 1st February 2024 

Ch 12 verses to be learnt & examined 

Method of examination 

Bala Krishna 
Pre-Kindy, Kindy, Grade 1  

Verses 1-7  

Any 3 verses continuously 

Grade 2 – 4   

Verses 1-12 

Any 5 verses continuously 

Grade 5 – 7   

Verses 1-15 

Any 7 verses at random 

Grade 8 -12   

Verses 1-18 

Any 10 verses at random 

Youth (17 - 44 yrs)   

Verses 1-20 

Any 10 verses at random 

Adult (45 – 59 yrs)  

Verses 1-20 

Any 7 verses at random 

Adult (60yrs +) 

Verses 1 - 12 

Any 7 verses at random 

* Note: If a state or territory does not have enough members to participate, that state or territory will be combined with another state or territory.  

Registration Fees: 

$20 per person 

$35 for two people 

$65 for a family of four 

 Registration closing date: 

1st June 2024


State and National Competition 

Certificates with Special Gift will be awarded to participants who achieve in one of the following categories 

  • High Distinction Certificate (Score 85% and above) 
  • Distinction Certificate (Score 75% to 84%) 
  • Credit Certificate (Score 65% to 74%) 
  • Pass Certificate (Score 35% to 64%)  

On top of this 1st, 2nd, 3rd positions in each catagory will receive a Trophy 

Note: Only the Top 3 from each state will be allowed to join the National Competition. 

Award Ceremony date may be different for each state and territory so we will advice closer to the date.  

What will participant receive for training? 

  1. Participants will receive an online Self Learning Kit (Audio & Reading material). Click link for Kit below:  

2024 Bhagavad Geeta Chanting Competition  

  1. Rules, guidelines, marking of the 2024 National Geeta chanting competition

2024 Bhagavad Geeta Chanting Competition 

Note: Participants will be notified if any updates are made to the competition rules, guidelines and marking few months before the event. 


    To register and pay, click on the link <<<Payment link>>>> 


    ACT - Nirmala 0432 332 099

    NSW - Sudha 0407 908 284, Jagannath 0478 884 286

    QLD - Jyotsna 0401 782 459, Gnanamanjari 0478 636 470

    SA - Bhanu 0410 363 684

    VIC - Sivasankari 0452 504 270, Divya 0490 161 629

    WA - Aarti 0450 329 500, Kedar 0434 210 375           

    or Email us on

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