Learnings from the Mahabharata
Learnings from the Mahabharata

Learnings from the Mahabharata

“Learnings from the Mahabharata” with Swami Shrikarananda

Date: Friday 30th June 2023 

Time: 8.00am to 5.00pm 

Venue: 35 Apulia place, Bridgeman downs, QLD 4035 

About the workshop: 

The Mahabharata narrates various historical stories that teach us various lessons. It is an exposition of dharma (codes of conduct), including the proper conduct of a king, of a warrior, of an individual living in times of calamity or prosperity, and of a person seeking to attain moksha (freedom from samsara, or rebirth).  

 Swami Shrikarananda (Swamiji) will be explore the ideas with the teenagers and see how to apply these teachings in the life of the teenagers.

 Eligible Age: 

 Year 7 to Year 12. 

 About Swamiji 

To know more about Swamiji [Click Here] 

Who is eligible to attend: 

School Grade: Year 7 to Year 12    


$45 per person (Vegetarian lunch will be provided)

 * Registration closes on 25th June, 2023 

 To register, [Click Here  

For further details:   

Contact Hertisha 0406 263 193 

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