Devi Maa puts the World to Sleep

Devi Maa puts the World to Sleep


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Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit.
— Swami Chinmayananda

Universal truths govern our lives. Often, these profound truths are characterized by an exquisite simplicity, which,ironically, make them elusive to many. However, children with their innate single-mindedness are able to grasp such simplicity almost immediately and naturally. Indeed, understanding the “rules” helps us play the game of life more meaningfully, productively and peacefully.

The Chinmaya Bala Katha series of books aims to introduce to children universal “Truths”or “laws” as taught in the vedantic tradition, presented in a story form, with the ultimate goal lighting their hearts in their spiritual development.

In this book, Devi Maa puts the world to sleep,  we have a companion that instills the feeling of comfort and protection for little ones.

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