Brisbane CHYK Day Weekend Retreat  2022 - Chinmaya Mission Australia

Brisbane CHYK Day Weekend Retreat 2022

CHYK Brisbane Day Weekend Retreat

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Weekend Retreat "How to be a fit Student" 

Text: Tattva Bodha 

Spiritual Teacher: Swami Shrikarananda


Unless one is ready to renounce and sacrifice, no progress is possible – in any field of life. Often, the words ‘renounce’ and ‘sacrifice’ frighten people. But if the advantages are pointed out, they may not seem so fearful. Sacrifice and renunciation take us to prosperity and growth. Nothing can be gained without giving up what one was holding on to earlier. If we insist on retaining our false notions, it will not be possible to know the Truth. They must be rejected. 

Maximum courage is required to face the truth. Therefore become a fit student to face the challenges of life outside and challenges within. Discover your true potential. 

Date: Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June, 2022 

Time: 9am to 5pm 

Venue: 2 Gardenia Circuit Heathwood 4110 

Cost: $60 (Vegetarian Lunch, snacks, text book/resources provided)


Contact: Prajna 0423 917 793 or Email us: 

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