Shishu Vihar Bhajans & Rhymes (Age 0-5yrs)ACD - Chinmaya Mission Australia
Shishu Vihar Bhajans & Rhymes (Age 0-5yrs)

Shishu Vihar Bhajans & Rhymes (Age 0-5yrs)


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Shishu Vihar is all about combining fun and interaction with values and wisdom that the kids will develop as they grow. It is a wonderful bonding time for the parents and their toddlers! Learning occurs through bhajans, stories, arts and crafts which makes learning fund and exciting for the kids.

Shishu Vihar Bhajans are themed and catered to conveying a variety of information to the infant when further paired with props, colours and actions.

Contents: Opening Prayers, Ganesha, Devi, Krishna, Vishnu, Guru, Shiva, Ram, Hanuman & Closing Prayers

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