Swami Aparokshananda

A magnetic orator who draws an audience with his clear insight into the scriptures and Vedanta, Swami Aparokshananda is a beacon of knowledge who inspires seekers of all ages. He is the resident teacher of Chinmaya Mission Perth and is now also supporting the Centre in expanding activities and classes.

Raised in Melbourne, Swami Aparokshananda completed his secondary education at Melbourne High School, and physiotherapy degree at Melbourne University. His curiosity during these years meant he searched for deeper insights into the cause of human suffering, and this led him to Chinmaya Mission where he was first introduced to the Bhagavad Gita - the essence of all Hindu scriptures. Thus began his spiritual quest.

The Bhagavad Gita explains that the fundamental causes of man’s sorrow largely stem from his inability to master the mind. Gripped by this premise, Swami Aparokshananda studied and practiced the techniques suggested and found satisfying results. Having found a clear sense of direction he enrolled in an intensive residential course in the study of Advaita Vedanta in Mumbai, India. In this two-year ‘modern-day gurukula’, students withdraw fully from worldly life and follow a disciplined schedule of classes and activities in an ashram setting to promote learning, reflection and contemplation. Having successfully completed the course, he chose to lead a monastic life of study and meditation, and was posted to Melbourne to share his knowledge with the community.

Swami Aparokshananda conducts regular classes, workshops, camps and retreats on human values, philosophy, meditation and Hindu culture to adults, youth and children of all backgrounds and faiths.