Event Specifications

To create an event please follow the specifications mentioned below;

  1. City Name: City name to add as a prefix to the title.
  2. Title: Title of the event with a limited number of characters.
  3. Description: Description of the event with paragraphs.
  4. Date, Venue & Time: Start and End dates of the events with timings.
  5. Registration Link (Optional): A registration URL to enroll in the event.
  6. Pricing (Optional): Pricing details of the event, please be specific if any multiple rate charts (and the state where the funds need to go)
  7. Contact: Contact information to whom we can contact for support.
  8. Images: Need to provide two mandatory images
    1. Main Image (600*300)
    2. Thumbnail (300*300). More information - https://support.eventcalendarapp.com/en/articles/3392181-image-dimensions-and-size


Sample images

(Main Image (600*300))

Thumbnail (300*300)