Chinmaya Mission in Sydney has been running activities since 1979. Our Chinmaya Sannidhi ashram was established in Castle Hill in 2004. Since then it has been home to a multitude of classes run for all ages. Classes include Shishuvihar, Balavihar, Junior CHYK(Chinmaya Yuva Kendra) , CHYK, devi groups and adult study groups. After its brand new renovations in 2015 and inauguration by Swami Tejomayananda in the same year, Chinmaya Sannidhi is fully equipped as a community facility in New South Wales and is continuing to run retreats, workshops, festivals and other public events.


Each week starting from week Monday 4th May – One lesson will be put up. Each lesson will be for 30 minutes. Please follow the instructions in the Lesson.

Special Online Classes during the Week
  • Shishuvihar (Age: 2 – 4 yrs)
  • Balavihar (Grade K – 6)
  • Junior CHYK (Grade 7- 12)
  • CHYK (Age:18 – 35 yrs)
  • Adult
  • Seniors
  • Vedanta Chanting
  • Bhajans
  • Prayers & Arati

Click to see a list of classes and sessions

Every week we conduct spiritual and well-being classes for Children, Teenagers, Youth and Parents / Adults and are held throughout Sydney and in the Chinmaya Sannidhi Ashram. All our classes are supported and guided by our resident acharya Swami Shrikaranandaji.

This program is designed so that the entire family can benefit by learning and praying together. The classes focus on developing positive values and are based on ancient texts (Bhagavad Geeta, Upanishads) and epics (Ramayana and Mahabharata). Chinmaya Mission has designed a specific curriculum for each of the different age groups. All students learn chanting and meditation.

Chinmaya Mission Australia runs many classes for children. These include

  • Shishu Vihar (ages 2 to 5)
  • Balavihar (school years KG to Year 6)
  • Junior CHYK (Year 7 to 12).

Some of our classes are also run as part of our Chinmaya Mission Family Program. We do this so that families can participate in their respective study classes at the same time. Our Youth and Adult classes are listed under the menu item study classes. Please find below the summary of the classes conducted as part of the Chinmaya Mission Family Program.

We also run Hindu Scripture classes. Our teachers reach out to local primary schools and high schools to run these classes.

For more information, please contact:

  • Shishu Vihar – Prarthna Bhuta on 0409 836 166 or prath@iinet.net.au
  • Balavihar – Niyati  on 0425 262 103 or citayin@gmail.com
  • Family Program – Niyati  on 0425 262 103 or citayin@gmail.com
  • Adult – Swami Shrikaranandaji on 0416 482 149 or sshrikarananda@chinmaya.com.au
  • CHYK – Naman Uppal on 0468 465 102 or namanater92@hotmail.com

Chinmaya SRE Hindu Scripture Classes at Schools

Please find the list of  Hindu scripture classes below:

For any information about Hindu Scriptures at Schools (Primary & Secondary), please contact – Jaya Menon on 0409 088 115 or jayaravi27@gmail.com

Chinmaya Mission Australia provides initial and ongoing training for our teachers which includes Scriptures, child protection and code of conduct

Chinmaya SRE Teacher Authorisation & Training Link
Chinmaya SRE Scope and Sequence (Outcomes) Link
Chinmaya SRE Complaints Policies & Procedures and Rec 023 Form Link
  • All of the Hindu Scripture Curriculum are reviewed completely and updated every 5 years. Once every 6 months minor updates are done as required after meeting and training with teachers. Full Curriculum reviewed and updated on 3/10/2018.
  • Pls contact Jaya Menon (Assistant Hindu Scripture Coordinator) on 0409 088 115 for further details

If you are interested in starting a childrens (Balavihar), Teenage (Junior Chyk), Adult study classes, Hindu Scripture classes at a school near you or you would like Swamiji come and do a Home Satsang in your house and/or would like to be a sevak pls contact Swamiji on 0416 482 149.

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Jaya Menon
Hindu Scriptures at Schools
0409 088 115
Kaushal Bhuta
Junior CHYK
0418 836 133
Rahul Badethalav
0402 587 579
Prarthana Bhuta
Shishu Vihar
0409 836 166

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