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      State-Regional Geeta Chanting Competition 2022-2023


      Registration Fees:

      To participate in the Chinmaya Geeta Chanting Competition 2022-2023 Registration, you have 3 types of of registration fees to choose from:
      $20 per person
      $35 for two people
      $65 for a family of four
      Registration closing date:
      10th October 2022 (Note: For registrants joining after the start of the training period which is 23rd July will have to put extra effort in learning as training classes may not be able to start from the beginning to cater for them).

      Chanting introduces one to such a noble text. This kindles the curiosity to know more about the meaning and the contents. This in turn, leads to study. The knowledge gained thereby is translated into actions and thus becomes a way of life.”
      About the verses:
      In chapter 2 Lord Krishna provides a bird's eye view of the entire Geeta! Lord encourages his good friend Arjuna,  teaching him to look beyond that which is perishable and finite, to find joy and happiness from the infinite.

      Slokas 39 to 72  teach the path of selfless action and qualities of a realised master.
      Eligible Age:
      Age: 2 years to Seniors*
      *Participants will be in age appropriate range and verses allocate accordingly (see table below)
      Competition Venue:
      Each State based (TBA)
      State-Regional Competition Date:
      Saturday 25th February 2023 & Sunday 26th February
      Training Period for learning Geeta verses: 
      23rd July 2022 to 12th February 2023
      Competition Categories:
      based on School Year/Age as of July 2022: