The importance of Teamwork

The very acronym of the word ‘Teamwork’ explains it in detail:
T: Togetherness
The spirit of togetherness is invoked in the Indian Culture through the ‘Yagna’. A Yagna is a ritual which brings different people together for one cause. The results of the Yagna are shared equally by every participant.
E: Empathy
It is an ability of a person to see the other person’s point of view. The team should be built with love, respect and friendliness.
A: Alertness
Alertness is cultivated by keeping the body and the mind together. An alert mind recognises the problem in the beginning or even before it occurs. A dull mind recognises it only when it is in crisis.
M : Motivation
The team comes first and the individual comes next. The motivated group gets others motivated.
W: Willingness
In teamwork, ‘Willingness’ is to contribute the best, and accept whatever one gets. As the sun shines, the flower blooms, so is there willingness when there is love for the cause or the work undertaken.
O: Objective
We cannot begin a journey without knowing our destination. Similarly, the team cannot function without knowing its objectives.
R: Respect
Everyone must have respect and reverence for one another and towards the Supreme for bestowing certain achievements, through them.
K: Karma Yoga
Dedicated action would always have a touch of excellence. A true worker always shares…Selflessness is the antidote for selfishness.