Nithurshan Nadarajah

Nithurshan is the first teacher and founder of Junior Chinmaya Youth ( Teenage ) classes at Keysborough centre.

Nithurshan started with centre in 2013 with around 6-7 teenagers. Over past years the numbers soared to an extent that there was a need for another teacher and now the centre has two JC classes. As a result of increased numbers the venue for JC classes needed relocation and fortunately Shanvi family who live 500 meters away came forward to host JC classes. Ever since JC classes are conducted in this new venue.

Nithurshan is every calm and composed person who gets along JCs very well and JCs look upon him as role model. Keysborough centre is very fortunate to have Nithurshan in their team!.

Nithurshan’s favourite quote: