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Weekly Summary 28th July

Introductory Balavihar: This week we continued with the letter G and learnt that it also stands for ‘ not be Greedy’. We listened to the story of King Midas from the Greek mythology. King Midas was a rich king but always wished for...

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Weekly Class Summary 21st July

Introductory Balavihar: We continued with letter G which stands for God. Children revised the bhajan that they learnt last week and learnt how to perform a puja. They perfotmed puja to Lord Ganesha using the following materials: milk, yoghurt...

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Weekly Summary 26th May 2019

Introductory Balavihar: We continued with Alphabet Safari and learnt that E stands for Enthusiasm. The children were excited to learn this new word. We learnt that enthusiasm means working hard with a smile on our face to achieve our goal. This...

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