Brisbane Teen Workshop "Serve & Deserve"

Brisbane Teen Workshop "Serve & Deserve"

Serve & Deserve

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Chinmaya Mission Brisbane invites your Teenagers for a Day workshop with Swami Shrikarananda on 

Topic: Serve & Deserve

Date: Tuesday 20th September, 2022

Time: 8.00am to 5.00pm

Venue: 35 Apulia Place Bridgeman Downs


We live in a society. If each one of us were to live on a solitary island, this problem and this discussion would not be necessary. It is only when we live in a society that this question arises. Society is not merely individuals put together; there must a cohesiveness between the individuals. This orchestration of individuals, living an integrated life, makes a perfect world. This is the true secret of success. How do we achieve this? What should be our view of the world, what should be our attitude, in what spirit must be think, live and act? This workshop with Swamiji will show us how to serve and deserve the best.

The workshop is filled with lots of fun, practical activities, discussions and much more.

Eligibility of Participants: Yr 7 to Yr 12 

Price: $30 (Teenagers to bring own Vegetarian lunch, only vegetarian snacks provided)

Contact us for more info: Simran 0432 671 137

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