Brisbane Adult Vedanta Retreat : per couple

Brisbane Adult Vedanta Retreat : per couple

Adult Vedanta Retreat Brisbane : per couple

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Adult Day Retreat "Dearest Sweet Self"

Spiritual Teacher: Swami Shrikarananda

Text: Vedanta Madhuryam 

Date: Saturday 2nd July & Sunday 3rd July 

Time:  Daily 9am to 5pm 

Venue: 13 Vanderbilt Street, EightMile Plains QLD 4113


The near and dear do bring some cheer in life, but costs dear, also bring a lot of fears and tears and will in time disappear. However, there is one and only one thing which is the nearest, the most beloved, the very source of happiness, which never leaves us and is completely free! It is the undotted ‘I’, my very own dearest Self. It is ‘my own sweet home’, the only one I truly own. 

Vedanta introduces this ever sweet Self to me and makes me truly Self-centred, and that is its beauty and fascination. Empowered by Self-knowledge Arjuna became victorious, Buddha became Enlightened, and Swami Chinmayananda became loved and revered. 

Join us to find your true “Dearest Sweet Self” 

Retreat includes: 

Lecture Classes, Discussion Sessions, Guided Meditation, Chanting, Question & Answers, 

Activities, Special Friendships, Simple & tasty Vegetarian Food and many more… 

Cost: $50 per person, $80 per couple 

Contact: Suresh 0434 309 817 

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