JC camp 2015

JC camp 2015

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right”

Through a series of quotes, examples, stories and logical arguments, all backed by our scriptures, Br Gautamji explained the power of Beliefs and Service, and ways to Excel and Transform.

The national Junior CHYK camp was held from 10 to 12 July in Safety Beach, Victoria. The two-night retreat taught 75 teenagers from all over Australia and 15 youth sevaks how to Be Your BEST. To be our BEST, Gautamji explained that we had to Believe, Excel, Serve and Transform in his usual engaging, humorous and charismatic manner.

Through simple activities such as getting a marble through poles from one end of the room to another while having your legs and arms tied to someone else, locating pieces of fruit blindfolded by listening to voice cues and a relay race, the kids were shown how limiting beliefs hold us back and empowering beliefs make us excel. The activities, discussion groups, break and meal times, and general camp environment also allowed the kids to meet like-minded people and form new friendships.

The attendees undoubtedly enjoyed the camp and learned practical ways to strive towards their BEST.

What was the key learning you took from camp?

“I realised that what we believe is true to us, and governs how we think and feel about the world. I also learnt that being passionate for something is important, and to achieve your goals you must be ‘extraordinary’ and surround yourself with excellence.” – Krishnaa

“To be your best you don’t have to put on a mask and pretend to be someone you are not. Only you can change yourself to be your best.” – Akshay

“I learnt ways in which to eliminate distractions and keep motivated using techniques, such as creating a wall of inspiration in my room, where you put up meaningful and positive quotes along with pictures, to keep yourself staying positive.” – Nandhini

“Belief and Excel components of the camp. In Belief, we learned about empowering and limiting beliefs and the law of attraction. Gautamji mentioned how our beliefs govern our thinking, feeling and actions and essentially control our lifestyles. I was very inspired by this and ever since camp have been trying to have empowering beliefs and avoid limiting beliefs. From the Excel component, the things that stuck out for me were: that to excel we have to be different and that our only competition should be us.” – Arya

What made camp memorable?

“The Sevaks, new friends, activities and events that will remain inside jokes for a very long time, made camp memorable. I made many new friends and reconnected with old ones at this camp.” – Arya

“Some things memorable about camp were everyone making new friends and getting to be themselves. We had heaps of fun in free time and we all loved the classes as we learned so many interesting things in fun ways, like your beliefs, motivating yourself to reach your goals and ambitions and being passionate about something you love.” – Krishnaa

“My favourite part of camp was when Darren, who is a motivational speaker, spoke to us. We had a wonderful time with him. We were all touched that night he talked to us. Gautamji’s classes were amazing to listen to. He is so funny and he gives us so much knowledge in the process.” – Akshay

How did you find the activities and discussion groups?

“The activities were a lot of fun and were also quite eye-opening, as we experienced first-hand how our negative attitudes can limit us from achieving our goals.” – Nandhini

 “The activities and discussion groups allowed me to take new perspective on things. The discussion groups allowed me to listen to other people’s perspective on things and especially the Sevaks. We discussed the influence of media on our beliefs and looked at if comparing ourselves to other makes us feel adequate or whether it gives us motivation to be better, aside from other things! I found the discussion groups very thought provoking and they gave me new outlook on things.” – Arya

 Besides the classes, what else did you love about camp?

“I enjoyed the activities and the discussion groups as I met new people and made friends. The vegetarian food was delicious and the dorms we stayed in were spacious and cozy. Talking to everyone and sharing new things was also fun. I have to say the overall camp experience was great.” – Krishnaa

“Aside from the classes, discussion groups and activities, I found camp to be very enjoyable because of the people. JCs from Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide all came for this camp, and I had a lot of fun meeting them.” – Arya

 “The food was great!!!!” – Nandhini

 What would you like to say to Gautamji?

Thank you Gautamji! There have definitely been times where I have not been motivated to study, but after attending this camp, I learnt from you, that I really need to change my limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs and ensure I stay focused on the same goal repeatedly, which will allow me to achieve it!” – Nandhini

Article Author:
Krishnaa Tare (Yr 7), Akshay Subramanian (Yr 9), Arya Khanna (Yr 10), Nandhini Kannan (Yr 12)