Weekly Summary for 24th February

Weekly Summary for 24th February

 Introductory / Junior Balavihar:

This week, in preparation of our upcoming Annual Day, we enthusiastically practised chanting Guru Stotram.  Following this, we loved singing the glories of Lord Shiva with a bhajan full of actions.

We then played a concentration game where children had to keep our eyes closed until their head was touched.  Once their head was touched, they could get up and drink water.  The kids exhibited a lot of self-control by waiting patiently for their turn.  We also played the game of “standing in front” – a game of quick thinking to practise alertness and to spontaneously say stotram lines. Our lovely kids will share their Balavihar learnings at their performance next Sunday.  Please come along with family and friends to watch them perform at our Annual Day on the 3rd March 3-5pm at Acacia Ridge School Auditorium.  We would love to see you there!

Homework: To remember to sing along the Guru stotram and Shiva bhajan, every time you sit in the car to go to kindy or school or sport (and on your way back home!).  The music has been messaged to parents separately.


Senior Balavihar:

This week we continued revising chanting of Guru Stotram and practising the bhajan we learnt.
Homework: To practise loud and clear singing of the bhajan (with actions) and chanting the verses of Guru Stotram.


Junior JCs:

In class, we continued with discussion on the sheaths or kosas. We recapped the food sheath before moving on to the next three sheaths. We discussed how the vital air sheath also involves physical processes, but these are not as gross as those of the food sheath. The processes of the vital air sheath are more internal physical processes. We then moved to the mental and intellectual sheath, deconstructing these layers and how these move us closer to the subtle body. The mental and intellectual sheath involve the mind and intellect respectfully. Next class, we will be discussing the bliss sheath as we understand what is required to move to the highest truth.

Sadhana: To practise for the performance on Sunday.



This week we studied the first verse of Chapter 13. This verse is not contained in the original text

of the Gita. It is a more recent addition. In this verse Arjuna extols his teacher to teach him.

1) Prakrti(Matter) and Purusa(Spirit) – Here Matter is the world of objects, the Spirit is the essential truth. Here we note that in our present circumstance our Spirit manifests itself through the world of objects.

2) Ksetra(Field) and Ksetrajna(Knower of the field) – The Field is the field of objects and the

“knower of the field” is the one who understands the field. For example a swimmer(knower) understands

the art of swimming (the field). Ultimately, the field of objects is the universe and the knower of

the field is the Lord. In the commentary it is stated that without the field of objects the knower of the field becomes “Pure Knowledge”.

3) Knowledge and that which ought to be known.


Chanting: To revise up to Verse 33 of Chapter 2 of the Gita.