Weekly Summary for 17th February

Weekly Summary for 17th February

Introductory / Junior Balavihar:

This week, in preparation of our upcoming Annual Day, we enthusiastically practised chanting Guru Stotram.  Following this, we loved singing the glories of Lord Shiva with a bhajan full of actions. We then played a concentration game where children had to keep their eyes closed until their head was touched.  Once their head was touched, they could get up and drink water.  The kids exhibited a lot of self-control by waiting patiently for their turn.  We also played the game of passing the parcel to revise stotram lines.

If you would like to watch our lovely kids perform, please come along with your family and friends to our Annual Day on the 3rd March 3-5pm at Acacia Ridge School Auditorium.  We would love to see you there!

Homework: To remember to sing along the Guru stotram and Shiva bhajan, every time you sit in the car to go to kindy or school or sport (and on your way back home!).  The music has been messaged to parents separately.


Senior Balavihar:

This week we revised chanting of Guru Stotram and practised the bhajan that we are learning.
Homework: To continue practising the bhajan (with actions) and the verses of Guru Stotram.


Junior JCs:

We discussed Chapter 22 on the fundamentals of Vedanta. We began by discussing the different scriptures and how they are divided. We then proceeded with a lengthy discussion about experience and the many components that this entails. We studied the experiencer and the experienced and the relationship between them. We finished by deconstructing the five sheaths, covering the food sheath and why this is the first kosa that we need to understand.

Sadhana: To deconstruct and write down an experience you have during the week, discussing the experiencer, experienced and experiencing. 



In the logic of spirituality, Swamiji explains the concepts behind Om, Vasana and the BMI – Body(B), Mind(M), Intellect (I) chart. To reach the Om state, we need to remove the Vasana.  He says that if anyone in this world acts without ego and egocentric desires then our Vasana will be removed. He also explains that this act is like the mother and baby relationship (unconditional love). He says that loving the Lord and loving all mankind will remove the vasanas. For those who are physically oriented (Body), path of work or karma will remove the vasana. For the mind oriented people (M), Bakthi Yoga will remove the vasana. For Intellect oriented people (I), reading vedas and spiritual books will remove the vasana. To reach the Om or Higher state, we need a quiet mind.


Chanting: To revise up to Verse 32 of Chapter 2 of the Gita.