Weekly Summary 28th August 2016

Weekly Summary 28th August 2016

28th Aug 2016 Class Summary



1)  Please note that the Chinmaya Mission Brisbane Annual Family Retreat will be held from 16th – 18th Sept 2016. 

2)  Attached to the email is a pdf document of the slokas of Chapter 15 of the Geeta. Please learn verses 1 and 2 by-heart for class next Sunday. 



This week, the Brisbane Chinmaya family celebrated Krishna Janmashtami at Holland Park State High School on 28th Aug. It was an extremely colourful, joyous and fun-filled day with all thoughts, actions and words dedicated to our dear Lord Krishna.

After the morning prayers, the day started with a beautiful bhajan by one of our adult class students. This was followed by an adult class offering to the Lord. The theme was ‘Love and Friendship’ and the adult class decided to portray the theme by narrating to the audience, various little stories of Krishna where Love & Friendship are portrayed. The various stories depicting the Lord’s Love & Friendship evidently pumped up the devotional mood in the hall.

Following on, the Junior CHYKs took the stage. As the performances of each class was a surprise, the Junior CHYKs had also come up with the idea of story-telling in praise of the Lord. However, we had different stories to hear and a different age group narrating them and it was a pleasure to see how happy they felt narrating His praise. One of the JC girls also performed a captivating solo dance on a beautiful devotional song on Krishna. The teacher of the JCs narrated a very heart-warming personal story of what Krishna meant to her that touched everyone’s hearts.

The students of Senior Balavihar performed a very impressive play on the story of the friendship of Krishna and Sudama. All the children played their respective characters perfectly and passionately and it was indeed a treat to the eyes. Three of the Senior Balavihar girls performed another play on the episode of Krishna stealing butter from a Gopi’s house, getting caught in the process and getting punished by his mother. For being a near-impromptu performance with the whole play planned in just 10 minutes on the day, the girls put up a stunning performance. The Senior BV children also sang a beautiful Krishna bhajan after the play.

All the Kindy / Junior Balavihar students came dressed up as beautiful Krishnas / Gopis and it was a very cute bunch to look at. They did a very sweet action song performance on the bhajan, ‘Come Here My Dear Krishna Kanhaiya’ filling everyone’s hearts with the love of Krishna!

We also had a couple of beautiful bhajan renderings in the end, one by a mother-daughter duo and the other by an adult class student.

After the closing prayers and Aarati, the kids had a traditional fun-filled ritual waiting for them – breaking of the pot (‘matki’) to steal the butter in it. To cater to the modern Krishnas, the ‘matki’ was filled with yummy chololates!!! The kids truly lived upto Krishna’s name – they successfully smashed the ‘matki’ and stole all the ‘butter’!!!

And how can we ever think of any celebration without food! The grand finale of course was a feast with a large variety of yummy and mouth-watering dishes prepared by all the mums!

What a celebration it was!!! Many thanks to each and everyone who contributed to its success.

Attached are some pictures of the day.

Please also take time to listen to the following couple of youtubes – Parts 1 & 2 of a beautiful rendering by singer Anup Jalota describing the episode of where Krishna steals butter from His house, is caught by His mother and how cleverly He convinces her that He hasn’t stolen the butter. And finally when His mother is convinced that her son hasn’t stolen any butter, Krishna then confesses to her that it was indeed He who had stolen the butter!!!