Weekly Class Summary for 18th June 2017

Weekly Class Summary for 18th June 2017

Introductory Balavihar:

In class we learnt about the letter H which stands for Happiness. Children brainstormed ideas on what brought happiness to them – in the activities they were involved in or the food they ate. They watched a video that showed  how to be happy and through the story they learnt that they have to be content with what they have and accept things as they are in order to be happy. Wendy was very sad as her best friend had moved towns when her father had a job transfer. She did not talk or play with anyone else at home or school as she missed her friend so much. Wendy just spent her time alone and pretended to be busy when others tried to interact with her. She could not sleep and lay in bed crying. Her aunt visited her once and soon realised that she had to do something to help Wendy. She spoke to Wendy softly and sweetly and explained to her how she should learn to accept that her friend has moved to a different school but how she could make new friends that will make her happy again. Wendy realised this and agreed with her Aunty. Soon she became happy again and made new friends. Children also rode the Chinmaya happy train singing and whistling ‘Hari Om, Hari Om’.

Homework: To revise slokas and first 2 lines of the pledge over the holidays.

Junior Balavihar:

Today’s class concluded our story on the Ramayana.  We talked about how on hearing that Rama, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman were nearing Ayodhya after their 14 years in exile, the entire kingdom of Ayodhya was ecstatic.  People decorated the streets with lamps and rangolis.  They rejoiced and danced with joy.  The queen mothers set out to meet and greet their children who they had missed seeing for so many years.  Bharata fell at Lord Rama’s feet and said,”Dear brother, I have served Ayodhya faithfully in your absence while placing your sandals on the throne.  Please take that (the throne) that was always yours.  And relieve me of my responsibility.”  Tears of joy flowed.  The people got ready for your dream come true – the coronation of King Rama and Queen Sita. Both were taken to their chambers to dress in royal finery, as Sage Vashisth arranged for the coronation rituals.  As Rama and Sita seated on their thrones, chanting and offerings of water and petals followed, with Sage Vashisth putting tilak on Rama’s forehead.  Hanuman sat at the feet of His Lord Rama.  Soon, Lord Rama was crowned the king.  Queen Sita put a pearl necklace around Hanuman’s neck.  Hanuman then asked His king for four things, “Please let me always seek the love of your lotus feet, never be distracted, always be focussed on seva for you and when people talk about You (Rama) in ages to come, may they always remember Hanuman as His most humble servant!”  The children role-played the coronation to share the rest of the BV family.  They also sang a bhajan in praise of Rama-Sita (Tulasi)-Lakshmana-Hanuman.

Homework:  To find out the story of why Hanuman is red in colour.

Senior Balavihar:

Revision of previous week’s lesson.

Junior JCs/ Senior JCs:

The Junior CHYKs were given the task of devising an experiment to show the association between kindness and happiness. It was interesting to listen to their aim, hypothesis, methods, results and conclusion. The two JC groups used different methodologies but reached the same result that showing kindness to others leads to an exponential growth in happiness experienced by a greater number of people over a greater period of time.

Sadhana over the holidays: To find love and calmness in all our actions.


Lord continues to expound his omniscient and omnipresent nature through slokas 30 & 31

  1. I am Prahlad among Daityas; among reckoners I am Time; among beasts I am the Lord of beasts [Lion]; and Garuda among birds.
  2. Among purifiers I am the wind; among warriors Rama; among fishes shark; among rivers I am the Ganges.

In the contemporary world of time & space we are moulded by our own experience that is within the context of our living environment.  Similarly explaining through comparing statements with emphasis on superlative is easier to comprehend and understand.  Similarly Arjuna here is given further examples of God’s grace & Presence in all things at all times.

Sadhana for the term break: To reflect on all the Vibhoothis [Glory] expounded to Krishna from Sloka 20 onwards and find our method for steady contemplation.