Weekly Class Summary 18th August

Weekly Class Summary 18th August

Introductory Balavihar:

I is for Intelligence (intelligence is the mental ability of understanding and learning new facts).

In class we discussed how people are different from animals. The main differences we found were that humans have well developed minds and intellects whilst animals did not.

Furthermore, we brainstormed what the mind and intellect actually are?

Children learnt that the mind is where we feel our emotions (happiness, sadness, joy….) and the job of the mind is thinking and recognising. Children used their mind to identify different things in the class around room.

The Intellect is what we use to differentiate between right and wrong.

We used an activity to demonstrate this:

Children used their minds to figure out where each piece of the puzzle went and used their intellect to put these pieces in the right places.

We also had a box of mandarins and a box of chocolate and each child was told to come forward and pick one or the other. All the children used their minds and intellects very well and they picked one fruit and one chocolate. They all choose Mandarins first as they were good for their body and also took one chocolate each, thus taking in moderation.

Homework:  To colour in the I sheet and think before they act for the whole week.

Junior Balavihar:

This week, we again looked at our seeds and noticed that some seeds were starting to get leaves, while some were only starting to sprout.  The essence of this exercise being that we continue doing our duty and take care of the seeds by watering them regularly, but they grow at their own pace.  We compared this to the unconditional love our parents give us, irrespective of how we grow.  We also practised the bhajans for next week’s Krishna Janmashatami performance.  We then heard the story of the rabbit and the tortoise.  Once upon a time, among the many animals in a forest, lived a rabbit in a burrow near a tree, which was close to a pond.  In the pond, lived a tortoise. The rabbit would look at the slow pace of the tortoise everyday and would laugh at his slowness and constantly remarked that anyone could beat the tortoise in a race.  The tortoise counter-argued that you need more than physical ability to win.  One day, they decided to actually race against each other the next day.  The tortoise prepared for the race by eating early dinner, meditating, having a good night’s sleep, waking up early, doing his morning chores and eating a healthy breakfast.  In preparation for the race, he bowed down to God and took the blessings of his parents.  Then left on time to reach the start point of the race 5 minutes before time.  The rabbit, on the other hand, stayed up late in the night watching Bugs Bunny movie, woke up late only to realise he had 5 minutes to the race start.  He rushed there in a hurry and without any prep.  With the forest animals cheering on, the race started, and of course, the rabbit was leading for a long time.  He felt tired and hungry due to lack of sleep and breakfast.  He looked behind and the tortoise was still far behind and nowhere to be seen.  So, he decided to rest under a tree.  No sooner, tired that he was, he fell fast asleep.  On the other hand, the tortoise breathed deeply and kept treading along at a regular pace.  He passed the sleeping rabbit and soon passed the finish line!  The noise of the animals cheering the tortoise as the winner woke the rabbit up.  He had lost the race due to lack of preparation, vanity and over-confidence.  The rabbit had definitely learnt a lesson.  Although his vanity and pride didn’t weigh anything extra, it did weigh him down!

Homework: To practise giving up bad qualities and habits that weighs us down, even though they don’t add to our physical weight.  To sing “Bhaja gopala” and “Come here, my dear” 3 times in front of family during the week.  To come dressed as Gopis and Krishnas for next week’s class for Krishna Butter Party.

Senior Balavihar:

Krishna and Balarama learned all the Vedas and scriptures from their Guru Rishi Sandipani and they respected and served him. We learnt that Brahmins, who are one of the limbs of Krishna, are people who revel in Bhagavan or the Brahman. We also learnt that like Krishna we must also respect and serve our teachers. By studying something inspiring and by serving our teachers we become a darling of Krishna.

Homework: To complete all the virtue sheets and to respect and help our teachers.

Junior JCs:

This week we finished chapter 26, we learned that we are already have the Pure Knowledge and that the Pure Consciousness is within us. It is clouded by our confusion and deluding ignorance, we only have to remove these ‘clouds’ for our true nature to shine through. The removal of this ignorance and confusion is effected through listening, refection and meditation.

We continued reading onto Chapter 27, which is Japa-Yoga. “Japa is a training by which the ever dancing rays of the mind are compelled to behave in some order and rhythm, and bring out their cooperative effort, a single melody of repeated mantra chanting.” We discussed how the repetition of a single phrase, even for a short amount of time can bring the mind into a single focused state.

Sadhana: To continue tracking your fears, remember create, maintain and destroy.  To practice Japa: two minutes everyday repeat the mantra you chose.


This week we studied verse 17 of Chapter 13. Here it is explained that the Lord is undivided, yet  appears divided in beings. Like electricity which is all-pervading, finds expression in instruments such as light bulbs, machinery etc. In this verse it is also made known that the Lord supports of all beings. This is done through the cycle of births and deaths.

Chanting: To revise up to Verse 46 of Chapter 2 of the Gita.