Weekly Class Summary 17th November 2019

Weekly Class Summary 17th November 2019

Introductory Balavihar:

This week we continued with Alphabet Safari and learnt about the letter O. We learnt that O is for Obedience. Obedience is doing what one is told to do without objecting. This brings about discipline in our lives. We need to listen to our parents and teachers as they know what is best for us. We listened to the story of Lord Rama wherein He obeyed His father without objecting when he asked him to go the forest and live there for 14 years. Lord Rama was obedient because He knew that His father had the experience and knowledge and did  only what was good for Him. We discussed how in a similar way we should obey elders.

Homework: Colouring sheet and sharing the story of Lord Rama with family.

Senior Balavihar:

Dattatreya (a wandering saint or avadhuta), in reply to King Yadu’s question on the secret of the saint’s happiness, described the twenty-four teachers from whom he learned to live happily in the world. This week we started with the first teacher. By solving the riddle – “I have eight siblings, I never sit still, I am shaped like a sphere, I keep revolving causing days, nights and seasons”, we learnt that the teacher is Earth! We discussed what we knew about Earth (it is 70% water, it revolves around the Sun etc) and what can we learn from the Earth.  We also discussed why we call the Earth ‘Mother Earth’ and realised that Earth and mother have a lot of similarities – loving, always giving, nurturing, enduring, adapting etc. Earth teaches us, among many things, endurance, patience, consistency & forgiveness. We then discussed examples of how the earth is consistent – always days follow nights, travels in the same direction, rotates in its axis etc. We talked about why it is important for the Earth to be consistent and why we should also be consistent. To master any skill, to learn any art, or sport, to achieve anything in life we need to be consistent with our efforts. We learnt that to be consistently punctual like Gurudev, we must always be on time. We then did an activity where all the children took turns to throw a variety of balls into a basketball hoop and kept a score on how often they were successful in doing it. From the activity the children realised that they could shoot a basket once in a while but not every time they tried, they found some balls were difficult to throw than the others and it is important to consistently throw the ball into the hoop to score well. We learnt that similarly in life too there will be a variety of circumstances and challenges and we must stay focused, not give up and consistently practise facing them in order to be successful.

Homework: To practise doing all activities consistently, including being punctual. To complete learning verse 1 of Guru Paduka Stotram.

Junior JCs:

In class we discussed the attributes of the three Gunas, namely Tamasic, Rajasic and Sattvic.


We studied the centenary Mananam series book on study groups. We studied about the relevance  of scriptural study. We learnt about the aims & objectives of study groups as set out by Gurudev.

 The objectives are:

 1. Developing an inquiring, reflective mind

 2. Strengthening faith & devotion

 3. Spreading the knowledge

 4. Inculcating a spirit of love and service to humanity

 5. Fostering ties between members to create a sense of family

 6. Developing communication skills

 Gurudev provides us the framework for success in all our spiritual & secular pursuits.