This week all the children (Introductory, Junior and Senior Balavihar) had a combined class. We practised the bhajan on Gurudev. We also practised a song that conveys the message on how each one of us can bring
about change and make the world a better place. We then practised a skit depicting victory of good over evil.
Homework: To practise the bhajan with actions. To learn the lyrics and practise singing the song with actions. To learn their dialogues/role for the skit and practise with expressions.

Junior JCs:

This week in class we recapped chapter 23 of Kindle Life regarding the five distinct sheaths. These concepts will be useful to understand when we continue with Chapter 29 of the text. 

We went through the meaning of the following five distinct sheaths and discussed examples:

  1. The Food Sheath: The physical body, the outermost precincts of our personality, beyond which we do not physically exist. The food sheath comprises of the five sense organs (eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin). 
  2. The Vital-air Sheath: The Vital-air sheath controls and regulates the Food sheath. The five pranas comprising this sheet are the faculty of perception, the faculty of excretion, the faculty of digestion, the faculty of circulation and the faculty of thinking. 
  3. The Mental Sheath: The mind receives the external stimuli through sense organs and communicates the responses to the organs of action (e.g. when the mind is upset due to shock, the functions of pranas and the body are affected).
  4. The Intellectual Sheath: The intellect is the judging capacity, the discriminating and discerning faculty, which examines and judges the stimuli received by the mind and communicates to the mind its decision on the type of responses to be executed.
  5. The Bliss Sheath: Innermost and subtlest of the five layers. 

Sadhana: To identify the bearing of the five sheaths in an experience during the week.


This week we studied verse 30 of Chapter 13. “He sees, who sees that all actions are performed by Prakrti alone, and that the Self is actionless.” – In this verse it is explained that Prakrti or Matter is alone responsible for all actions. The Self is the ultimate enabler of Prakrti but it is not involved with our daily activities. An example given by Gurudev was the Sun. The Sun is responsible for all life on Earth, but it does not involve itself in the daily manifestations of life on Earth.