Swamiji – Family program day – 26th April

Swamiji – Family program day – 26th April

After an enthralling 5 days listening to Swamiji on the essence of Bhagavad-Gita, the Brisbane Chinmaya family had the opportunity to have the gracious presence of Swamiji for a breakfast biksha and interaction with Swamiji for more than 2 hrs.

More than 75 adults, checks and kids descended upon holland park state school and it started with Biksha wherein special breakfast dishes made for Swamiji were served by loving sevak families. Due diligence was paid in preparing the food and as each family came forward, Swamiji not only tasted the food but each family had opportunity to interact with Swamiji in that unique moment. The smiles and contentment raised by this unique interaction has left an indelible memory for this fledgling Chinmaya centre.

After the biksha it was time for the Balavihar children to interact with Swamiji. The children had attended Br Gopalji’s balayagna and they were all excited for their unique opportunity to listen to the Krishna- Krishna story and how the Lord in his butter quest showered love to all concerned. The children also played specially made video of skit highlighting the benefits of Balavihar, the specially composed Alphabet safari song, rendition of special dance performance by Balavihar children and songs sung by chyks and BV kids.

FamilyProgramDay6Attached photos attest the absolute joy and bliss of all concerned on the morning.

This was followed by Q&A on Vedanta for the adult study class and the energy and enthusiasm of questions and explanations cleared many a dark spots in the students mind and all set out very rejuvenated to fulfil the task of doing regular sadhana and satsang as advised by Swamiji.

We were all very reluctant to let Swamiji get to his car for his next journey,

FamilyProgramDay9however his parting words that we are one lovely large family and the atmosphere of the Brisbane family is surely set to grow and continue Gurudev’s goal in His centenary year.

If there is one enduring image, it is the total compassion and love that Swamiji bestowed upon each and every family during the interactions that he had that morning. It was just under 3 hours but it will last in our memories nourishing our activities for a long time to come.

Hari Om,

Unto Him Our Best

Brisbane Chinmaya Family