Reflections about Chinmaya Mission Brisbane–Children’s Camp July 2018

Reflections about Chinmaya Mission Brisbane–Children’s Camp July 2018

The 2-day Chinmaya Mission Kids’ Camp this June holidays was on the topic “Goddess Saraswati”.  There were lots of activities, learning, laughter and fun.  We enjoyed listening to Swami Shrikaranandaji on the various leelas (stories) related to Goddess Saraswati.  We also watched animated stories on values during lunch on the first day.  We learnt bhajans, did a lot of group activities, participated in fun games during the competitive BV Olympics at the park next door, created awesome Goddess Saraswati banners to take home, and the event culminated with role plays and convocation ceremony.   Of course, no camp can be fun without delicious food – thanks to all the mothers for organising such yummy food and helping us all the time!

On Day 1, we played interesting games like heads and tails and scissors-paper-rock to introduce ourselves.  We were then divided into 6 teams.  We went through camp rules.  Then each team had to act one rule out, as an icebreaker activity.  We scored 20 points for this!  At each stage, the team got points added to their score for good behaviour and participation.  We had teenage helpers (JC bhaiyas and didis) as captains of our teams.  They took good care of us and kept the team together throughout the various activities all through the camp.  We also had the Olympics , something like Little Athletics, where the competition was stiff, but the games so much fun, and in the end, it did not matter whether we were losing or winning!


On Day 2, we heard more stories about Goddess Saraswati, and did a quiz.  More points for each team! J  We also learnt the Goddess Saraswati mahamantra:

Saraswatii namastobhyam, varade kaamrupiini

Vidhyaarambham karishyaaami, sidhhir bhavatu me sadaa.


Salutations to Devi Saraswati, Who is the giver of Boons and fulfiller of Wishes,

O Devi, when I begin my Studies, Please bestow on me the capacity of Right Understanding, always.

We then had an arts session where each of us created a beautiful banner to take home.  After lunch, we did role play based on what we had learnt during the two days.  We also had convocation ceremony where we all graduated from the camp and the winning team was announced and got prizes!  Our parents were invited to watch us perform that afternoon, and share in our learning.  We had so much fun and we so eagerly await the next camp.

The CMA children’s camp is an event not to be missed.  In fact, the event is such a popular and an awesome annual event for children, that at the end of the camp, Swamiji announced that he will come back in September school holidays this year to conduct another such camp.  The September children’s camp is on Lord Matsya and Lord Kurma Avatars and is on 24th & 25th September 2018.  It is open to our friends aged 4-12 years.  So, what are you waiting for??  For more details, please contact Priya auntie 0413490308 or visit to know more of our various programs or write to


Rohit Segu (8 years) and Shivani Ram (9 years)